Setting project timeline expectations with your customers: A key to customer satisfaction

setting timeline expectations with clients

Always keep a construction timeline expectations in mind when scheduling your work. It is especially important for new construction projects, as these involve building lots of high-risk equipment. However, planning ahead in advance will help you to make the best use of your construction budget and allow you to minimize possible losses due to unforeseen circumstances.

Keep the schedule flexible. A schedule should always be open for changes, so that you can change it as necessary. In some cases, especially in large projects where there are several stages to complete, you might need to make adjustments to the planned date for an operation. Such adjustments can often reduce the expenses but increase the time required for completion.

construction timeline expectations

If necessary, leave room for error. Any time you take your work seriously, it can sometimes lead to miscommunication with your construction contractor. When this happens, it is better to work with a project manager who can resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Prioritize tasks and assign tasks in advance. Every team member has to have his own task group, so that each has enough time to focus on his own role.

Good communication between the team members and your project manager can reduce any misunderstanding can cause delays. Communication at all levels including between team members, project manager and construction contractor can help to avoid conflicts and problems.

Keep a construction schedule realistic. Don’t make any adjustments to a project until you have detailed information about its costs, timeline and schedule of tasks. Make sure to keep realistic expectations.

It is important to check out all official documents from the local government agencies. Official documents will contain detailed information about all legal formalities that may affect the construction schedule. Work should be finalized according to the required timelines.

Check the construction schedule from your builder. Make sure that he has given you a copy of the final schedule before you start working. Having an accurate schedule will allow you to avoid mistakes can save a lot of money.

Avoid making unplanned modifications or adjustments to the construction schedule while the construction is underway. Try to stick to the dates agreed upon during the agreement phase.

This will help you avoid anomalies when the calendar months are shifted or altered during the project period. Calculate the costs of the changes if you need to avoid these expenses in the future.

Knowing the basics of accurate and reliable construction timeline can go a long way in ensuring a smooth construction timeline. Taking note of these important tips will ensure that your construction is as efficient as possible.

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